Dev Blog #2 – Lito Character Art Update

June 3rd, 2017

It’s our loco lucha libre, Lito! Lito was one of our very first characters in HyperBrawl, we love him so much he almost always features on all of our key art!

Our original concept for our cast of HyperBrawlers, was ‘What if the best warriors from across time came together to fight in this epic game of combat sports?’ and naturally a Lucha Wrestler was a perfect match to become one of the gang… Strong, but swift! Scary… but stylish!

We came up with a bunch of concepts for Lito, some of which touched on some interesting directions, such as Aztec Warriors, but we decided in the end, that we loved the simplicity and style of classic old school Mexican wrestlers. Lito is an all-rounder, meaning he’s not too heavy, and he’s not too light… he isn’t the fastest character, but certainly quick enough to outstrip the heavies, and his punches don’t pack the greatest punch, but they are certain to take down a couple of the slighter HyperBrawlers. He’s a great character for beginners and can be an unpredictable force on the pitch in the hands of a pro!

Original Lito Concept Art

It was only recently, after we had finished our Early Access line up, that we decided to review the characters and give them a bit of an upgrade. We set to come up with a new design philosophy that would hopefully help improve our current characters, and any future characters or skins we implement in the future. Since most of our action took place far above the characters, you really couldn’t see an awful lot of the fine detail, so we decided on two core improvements:

•The silhouettes needed to be pushed to the max, so each character has a more interesting and unique shape overall.

•The fine detailing and textures needed to be removed or toned down, they simply made the characters way too busy overall, so we opted for more solid, clean textures in general.

We took a lot of inspiration from vinyl toys (which we love here at Milky Tea!), which generally tend to make really good use of simple geometry and colour palettes, whilst at the same time pushing the most important details to make the biggest visual impact. We really love how Lito has turned out, and it’s really cool to see how he has influenced our cast and just how he will pave the way for future HyperBrawl characters to come!

Original Lito Concept Art