Dev Blog #3 – Samurai Temple Level Art Development

June 9th, 2017

What happens when an ancient order of Samurai adopt the cosmic art of HyperBrawl? Well, we assume they would build a remote monastery, high up in the Japanese Mountains where they fight, study and have training montages, until they reach the peak of physical and mental HyperBrawl mastery.

Enter Samurai Temple (Working title)!

Our maps so far have worked like this: we have a bunch of interesting characters, let’s choose a character and imagine the world they come from, and voila, you have yourself a new unique map concept! With Samurai Temple, we had no prior character whom the map would be based on, the idea was simply born purely out of our burning desire to see the HyperBrawlers fight it out in an old-school dojo, like something out of a cheesy 70’s action movie.

We of course began the process with concept art; sketches, doodles and inspirations. We were able to really nail the idea on paper, but it turns out it was even harder to nail in 3D. When you have a fantasy environment like Shade’s otherworldly Court of Azdritch, or Tristan’s futuristic Chrome City Stadium, we as viewers have little to no preconceptions about what that world should look like, every answer is the right answer.

Take an environment very much grounded in reality however, somewhere we have all seen before in person, in pictures or even in other games, you run in to some problems – although there is so much reference, it also takes much more work to make sure the scene is accurate and readable. Our goal was to make people say ‘Oh, that’s not just a Samurai Temple, that is a HyperBrawl Samurai Temple!’

Progress of the Samurai Temple in Unity 3D

We finally arrived, and are actually still arriving, at a final result that we can be excited about. Come back in a couple months and you may even see a radically different version of Samurai temple! Only time will tell…

As you might have already read in our previous blogs, all of our maps have their own dynamic to them, a mechanic that makes the map stand out as a unique playable arena. Using the philosophy that the mechanic should not interfere too much with the objective, we thought up a perfect solution, inspired directly by Japanese board games and puzzles.

A puzzle pitch!

An arena made out of movable tiles and trap doors, that lets us control exactly just how much the mechanic will interfere with the player; the traps may fall from under your feet, dropping the player into the abyss below, they might reveal a tentacled creature to fling you across the Japanese hills, or you may find yourself burned to a crisp by a surprise burst of flame! Either way, we can control exactly what happens, and how often it happens. We’ll be having a lot of fun testing the game over the next few weeks, getting the balance just right!

Current iteration of the Samurai Level in Unity 3D

Obviously, it can’t be called Samurai Temple forever, so head on over to Twitter to join our map naming competition! The winner will get a HyperBrawl T-shirt and a guaranteed beta code when we release it!

So, we’ve seen what a map based on a character looks like, but just what kind of warrior would occupy an abandoned old monastery like this…