Dev Blog #4 – Talhaca Level Development

July 18th, 2017

Anybody who has been to any of our showcases and played HyperBrawl for themselves will know about Talhaca – the very first map to be concepted, designed and completed.

As such, it has by far gone through the most amount of changes, and now, as HyperBrawl gains more and more momentum worldwide, we have returned to it yet again, to compete with our audience’s expectations and deliver something even more amazing for release!

First of all however, one thing that has remained constant throughout its life, is It’s unique mechanic! Being our very first map, we did not have to search very far within our collective creative conscious to fall on what would be our first level dynamic. Pillars. In days of old, HyperBrawl played nicely on its own without anything to alter the pace of the game, but once we stuck a couple obstacles on the pitch, it changed everything, especially once they started popping up and down in various positions like a game of whack-a-mole!

Suddenly we as players began to bend the ball much more, making trick shots incredibly rewarding and satisfying. That little change encouraged us to use much more of the arena space. We also found that players appreciated such a simple mechanic, something that doesn’t hinder the flow of the gameplay too much, but rather injects even more dynamic and fun into your classic game of HyperBrawl.

With the mechanic nailed down we began to tackle the visuals and decided on simple block out meshes and really low poly assets in the style of Stikbold and Gang Beasts – two games we really enjoyed!

However, as we showcased the games to more and more people around the world, interest and expectation rose and we knew we had to blow people away with the level of attention to detail within our environments, the same way we do with our gameplay.

Thus began Talhaca 2.0 with more ancient Greek inspiration and little details that further tell the story of the HyperBrawl universe. We even changed the Atlas statue in the background to resemble a minitour, further connecting the arena with the game character Toro, who has Talhaca as his home pitch.

Not content with these subtle changes we have recently begun to upgrade all of the arenas aesthetically and make the art and lighting more consistent throughout- so the audience can truly feel like they are living, breathing and brawling in the HyperBrawl world no matter where they are.

Here is a sneak peak of our starting point, Talhaca 3.0. It is still very much WIP but we want to make each map more dramatic, more interesting, more in-tune with the HyperBrawl universe and characters, and we have some very interesting thoughts on how to make that happen.

Fingers crossed, and the gods of Talhaca may bless us with 3.0 being featured in the HyperBrawl beta, be sure to sign up, the more we get, the bigger the chance of that happening!