DEV BLOG #5 – Gameplay and Controls Development

June 18th, 2017


HyperBrawl is a game with one simple objective. Get the ball in the back of the net.

HyperBrawl is also a game with a multitude options, techniques, and abilities to ensure that you get that ball in the back of that net.

Easy to learn, hard (but incredibly rewarding) to Master!

Anyone who has been to the HyperBrawl stand at the many conventions we’ve appeared at this year and last will realise that as soon as you pick up the controller, you can jump into a game and enjoy a match or two with just the very basics, being able to move around, throw the ball, dive roll around the pitch, punch your opponent in the face or tackle kick them from afar, and unleash fury upon them with your weapon of choice.

And for a lot of beginners this is all that is needed to ensure a fun time, however we find that after players master the basics, they start to discover the more advanced features. For example, when you throw the ball, you can use after-touch to help determine the angle and trajectory of the ball for a couple seconds after it leaves the players hands. Just one new skill that can make or break a golden goal opportunity. The longer you hold down the throw button, the more powerful the shot, and the harder it is to control after-touch.

Beginners tend to spend a lot of time getting their faces bashed in and their bones broken, so it is no wonder they eventually discover that the more they take a beating, the more their ‘rage’ meter builds up, and once they have had just about enough, the players can unleash that rage by becoming a fast, fiery force that can launch enemies (and even friends if not careful) out of the arena.

We don’t like to force players into roles, instead we give them all the tools and opportunity to make up their own positions and strategies and let them have fun with it. Now when players are in their goal area, the dive roll button now becomes the goal dive button, with which you can attempt to block an oncoming ball! Players can actively choose to play the goalie throughout the whole match, or run in and out whenever they please!

Here at in the Milky Tea studio we have always primarily used controllers to play HyperBrawl. However, we have recently challenged ourselves to truly refine the keyboard/mouse experience. The trouble is with balancing, you never want to make one completely trump the other, players need to be able to master the game with either, and be able to play against players who use the other confidently and fairly.

We don’t think you can beat the degree of movement offered thanks to full analogue controllers, but now to combat that, we allow players to swap between WASD movement or automatic cursor movement when using Keyboard/Mouse. Activating automatic movement makes players run toward the spot their cursor is trained on. We truly feel we have hit a balance that make it so if a master of either came across each other, that battle would be fair, equal and epic!

We can’t wait for players, casual and pro, to all get their hands on HyperBrawl, give us their feedback and ideas and help us make this game the best and balanced it can be!