HyperBrawl at Insomnia 61

September 6th, 2017

There’s nothing like seeing the game you have had a hand in creating for over a year, enjoyed so immensely by an audience picking it up for the very first time. That very much sums up our recent trip to Insomnia 61, which was such an awesome event thanks to mass of great games (big up the Indies and the Tentacle Collective!), that was improved only by the legions of families, friends and fans so eager to play them!

It was an honour to be right besides legends such as Gang Beasts, which we got a chance to play for about the hundredth time but still enjoy each time. We also got to try out some others, some highlights including Claws of Furry, a side scrolling Rogue-like from developers Terahard, go check that out! We also got our hands on De Mambo, a cool smash bros-esque multiplayer game on the Nintendo Switch by The Dangerous Kitchen! Check out the twitter post to find the other fantastic games from this year’s Tentacle Collective here!

It’s always a fantastic experience when your game is enjoyed by so many, but it’s an even better one when they come back! So many faces became all but too familiar over the 4 days of Insomnia, and we bow down to the ones who were able to finally beat the devs and become HyperBrawl champions! (We won’t list the amount of champions for the sake of our pride).

Thank you so much to everybody who came along! It’s thanks to you that HyperBrawl Tournament continues to constantly improve! Every show we go to, we walk out of it with so much new knowledge of what you guys want to see in the game, and how we can make the HyperBrawl experience so much more enjoyable.

Not only have you all had a big part in helping us to develop this game, you also helped create some very memorable experiences for us this year at Insomnia and we hope you walked away knowing this game will create some very memorable moments for you and your friends in the near future…

Speaking of which…EGX 2017 is just around the corner! Join us on 21st-24th of September for your next chance to play HyperBrawl, we can’t wait to see even more new faces and excited to see some familiar ones too. Until next time we’ll leave you with some pictures from the show and hope to see you all again soon.